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Yoga Massage for Spinal Alignment
(aka Baby Pose Drumming)

Yoga Massage aka Baby Pose Drumming is an ancient yogic healing and massage technique using music (tabla drumming) in the background and therapist fingers drumming upon the spine in keeping with the 16 beat tabla. Clients are fully clothed and are in baby pose, a very safe, comfortable and comforting position.

To quote the Master, Yogi Bhajan, “The client may have a dead immune system and there may be a chronic problem that resists conventional treatment. So, when nothing works, when a client is feeling hopeless, Baby Pose Drumming or Yoga Massage will work. If you put teen taal [16 beat tabla] music on and listen to that rhythm doing the treatment, the client will get up and be totally changed. The body automatically readjusts itself and the immune system will come through. When your inner drummer hears those 16 beats, that’s Kundalini. That is your life force. That’s the secret.

What’s the drumming doing? It’s giving the navel point stimulation and arousal, so that the pure energy rises with the master gland [pituitary] direting, and the disease will leave.”

The Yoga Therapist taps along the spinal column in a specific manner while client is in baby pose. Halfway through, clients are requested to roll over onto their back for navel massage for redirecting the energy/chi. Take an hour for yourself and reap the rewards of renewed chi energy. More often than not, the client is so relaxed that the request for rolling over seems monumental.

Ingrid Miles provides this beneficial therapy to clients on an individual basis and for couples to expand their relationships healthily and happily. She trained with Chiropractor and Yogi, Whaheguru Singh Khalsa, who is also trained in oriental herb medicine and author of The Miracle of Healing Hands.

A little more about Baby Pose aka Child’s Pose or Balasana

See the world through the inner child’s eyes and let yourself be born anew."

This is the ultimate resting posture; it may seem very familiar as we all dwelled in our mother’s womb in this posture before birth. As a forward bend it promotes the idea of letting go and surrender. It reminds us to cultivate our inner innocence so that we in turn may see the world without judgement or criticism. Balasana gently decompresses the spine and soothes the heart. It is a calming, steadying pose, which grounds the practitioner in a place of ease and gratitude. This posture may be practiced anytime it is necessary to regain your center.

Posture Points:

  • Hands remain open to remind your heart to be open.
  • Spine gently, passively lengthens.
  • Seat moves to rest on heels.
  • Forehead rests gently on the floor.
  • Always maintain a calm and even breath; breathe in and out through the back of the nose.

Balasana: Resting palms open to sky, forehead on floor.

Did you Know?
"Baby" pose allows the internal organs to soften. With the forehead on the ground the senses are less active and the mind quickly becomes calm.

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Yoga401K instructor, Ingrid F. Miles, is a member of the International Kundalini YogaTeachers Association (IKYTA) ( and is a registered teacher of the Yoga Alliance national organization.

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