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One Moment Pleeze WellSpa (OMPleeze)™
...because you're worth it!

Ingrid F. Miles
Joan K. Arsenault

'WellSpa Pampering Specialists'

WellSpa moments for renewal of body, mind and spirit

OMPleeze brings women together to refresh with one another. Since the beginning of time, women have gathered to share stories and experiences, have fun and relax!

Stress triggers of daily life leave little opportunity for time with friends, relaxation or just plain fun.

While on retreat in the serenity of Squam Lake in the foothills of the White Mountains, Joan and Ingrid realized that women often do not take the time they deserve to be pampered. We all know that when we take time for WellSpa moments, we nurture our well-being -

stress is less…
peace is more…
benefits are immense...

Hence, OMPleeze came to be!

Ipswich Bed & Breakfast
2 East Street, Ipswich, MA

Set time aside to enjoy yourself in the company of others with an OMPleeze WellSpa. OMPleeze WellSpa specialists will join you in your home or workplace to provide WellSpa moments:

Please call OMPleeze at 978.861.4218 and 978.471.9750 or email for current pricing and to schedule your WellSpa event either in your home, workplace or for a special WellSpa experience at The Ipswich Bed & Breakfast in the historic district of Ipswich, MA. "WellSpa Moments" include:

Foot Massage/Foot Reflexology or Hot Oil Facial Massage

An ancient Indian tradition applying almond oil to stimulate trigger points in the face or feet for toning and vitality. Any imbalances in your body can show up in your feet or facial expression. The massage is rhythmically applied to your feet and ankle or face and neck area, and should be pleasant and comfortable, completed with a blissful aromatherapy massage to relax body, mind and spirit.

Yoga Relaxation Techniques

A modern day technology as well as ancient art for living life in a relaxed manner despite the stresses of daily life utilizing breathwork (pranayama) and stretches.

WellSpa Gift

Each guest will go home with a goodie bag giving a flavor and a reminder of the WellSpa event!

Intuitive Readings or Reiki

Intuitive Readings - An ancient science for insight into personal growth and relationshps using Tarot, psychic or channeling art forms.

Reiki -an ancient healing art performed with gentle placement of hands over body energy points (chakras, meridians) working on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Ingrid and Joan look forward to WellSpa YOU! To arrange for a WellSpa, please contact:

Ingrid at 978.861.4218 and 978.471.9750 or
Joan at 978.500.2648 or

One Moment, Pleeze! (OMPleeze)™
...because you're worth it!
My group of six friends had been gathering monthly for mutual inspiration, good food, and laughter for ten years. Every one of us, without exception, relished OMPleeze provided WellSpas. After receiving WellSpas individually, each of us rejoined the group refreshed, relaxed, and invigorated. The first to be pampered luxuriated in it for the whole evening; the last got to anticipate it to the fullest as each person returned calm and glowing. If you have a special group of friends, treat yourself to something delicious - OMPleeze gatherings.
Carole Rein, Authentic Happiness Coach
Personal Life Coach


See schedule for program offerings.

Yoga401K instructor, Ingrid F. Miles, is a member of the International Kundalini YogaTeachers Association (IKYTA) ( and is a registered teacher of the Yoga Alliance national organization.

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