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What is meditation?
Meditation is the state of witness whereby one can 'Consciously direct his/her attention to alter one's state of consciousness." In other words, Meditation is a discipline through which those seeking tranquility and harmony may discover a heightened awareness, acceptance and ability to let go. The goal of meditation is to face yourself, to look within. Meditation is not about achieving anything, including enlightenment. One meditates to discipline the mind, to cultivate awareness, and to see things as they are. There's no limit to the things you can direct your attention toward... symbols, sounds, colors, breath, uplifting thoughts, spiritual realms, etc. Meditation techniques employed include observing the breath, Vipassana or sitting meditation, mudra, chanting, visualization and/or aromatherapy .Meditation is simply about attention... where you direct it, and how it alters your consciousness.

What is the purpose of meditation?

Traditionally meditation was (and still is) used for spiritual growth...i.e. becoming more conscious; unfolding our inner Light, Love, & Wisdom; becoming more aware of the guiding Presence in our lives; accelerating our journey home to our True Self...our Spirit. The goal of meditation is to face yourself, to look within.

More recently, meditation has become a valuable tool for finding a peaceful oasis of relaxation and stress relief in a demanding, fast-paced world.

Meditation simply put is for:

• Healing
• Emotional cleansing & balancing
• Deepening concentration & insight
• Manifesting change
• Developing intuition
• Unlocking creativity
• Exploring higher realities
• Finding inner guidance

Monthly Group Meditation

Monthly group meditation meets the third Tuesday every month at 7:30 pm excepting holiday weeks at the home studio located at 58 N. Main St. Each month the group will explore a particular theme, e.g., Prosperity. The group meets for one hour; no prior experience is necessary. Watch the monkey mind that jumps about and discipline your mind to become a great tool for self-realization.

Ingrid F. Miles, KRI Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor, guides the group in meditation. Cost is $15/session or one-pass from your pass card. Pass cards may be purchased at a cost of $100 for 8 passes.

To be placed on the E-update regarding upcoming meditation gatherings and theme for the month, please email at and provide your name, telephone number, email and snail-mail information to receive future mailings.

Yoga401K instructor, Ingrid F. Miles, is a member of the International Kundalini YogaTeachers Association (IKYTA) ( and is a registered teacher of the Yoga Alliance national organization.

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