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Director and Founder, Ingrid F. Miles, was previously a corporate executive with BankBoston and Officenet Inc. and is familiar with corporate needs. Yoga401K Well Being will customize programs to meet your organizational needs on or off site for your employees. For such a proposal, please contact Yoga 401K Well Being at 978.861.4218 and 978.471.9750 or

Shortlist of clients include:
Corporate: EBSCO Publishing
Medical: Kindred Health Care
Municipal: Woburn City Hall
Education: Manchester-Essex School District

"Breathe deep ~ and let the universe go by." Over the past three years, I've found Ingrid's Kundalini Yoga class a welcome escape from the stresses of work and everyday life. It is a time in my week when I can let my worries go. For me, yoga relaxes, revitalizes and brings balance to my life. I would say to those who have reservations: try it! You don't have to be in perfect physical shape or share any particular belief ~ all you have to do is breathe and move!

 - Christine L. Jones
EBSCO Publishing Editorial Dept.; Ipswich, MA

I know you share testimonials with us from your students, so I thought I would give you a couple:

  1. The class you held when we danced was quite inspirational. I had 2 lifetime firsts in that class:
  2. I danced like no one was watching for the first time in my life. To say I enjoyed it is an understatement. I bought a dance CD for myself and the kids. My 6, 5 and 2 year olds and I dance the nights away before bed. It is really a fun activity
    You had us do some visualization in that class. I visualized my kids and had an urge to cry due to their beauty. So I cried. I have never cried without trying to hold tears back in my life. It felt a lot better than the headache that I generate when I try to hold back tears.

The Sharon Salzburg and Joseph Goldstein tapes have been helpful as well. I have been sitting for 2 - 15 minute meditations on emotional awareness each day. I now think of meditation as running a "thought filter" where I notice the emotional current that thoughts generate and explore them. I am finding myself running that filter more and more each day, and for that I am very grateful.

And I told you about my golf results already. 16 to a 13 handicap this season. Remarkable! Thank you.

- Dave

Note: Ingrid Miles has been teaching Yoga and Meditation to EBSCO Publishing personnel for over 8 years. In the beginning, classes were held in whatever available space there was. After 3 years of weekly classes, EBSCO has dedicated space for yoga and other ongoing programs and benefits from supporting its employees well being.

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Yoga401K instructor, Ingrid F. Miles, is a member of the International Kundalini YogaTeachers Association (IKYTA) ( and is a registered teacher of the Yoga Alliance national organization.

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